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Become A Firefighter's Hero

We are seeking people who understand the dangers of firefighting and want to help bring a positive change to the fire industry by sponsoring a innovative light up adapter, the "FIRE ANT" to give to a fire department of their choice.

Why We Need People to Sponsor 

It does not matter, paid or volunteer, firefighters represent courage and put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Most fire departments operate on a limited budget and are understaffed. They simlpy can not afford innovative technology that could aide with firefighter safety. This is where your sponsorship is needed. Take action now and donate a FIRE ANT adapter to your local fire department. 

The Benefits of the FIRE ANT

  • ​​Aides with Crew Accountability
  • Aides with Rescue Evacutaion 
  • Aides with Firefighter Survival
  • Designed by a Firefighter for  the Firefighter
  • Coal miners can also uses the FIRE ANT with their hose equipement

​Fire fighters are trainined to used the fire hose as a safety life line, or to put it simple, when situations go from bad to worse, fire fighters follow the firehose to exit the smoked filled buring structure. The 12 bright LED lights on the FIRE ANT adapter will shine light on the fire hose or safety life line making it visible in dark smoky conditions. 





This is your opportunity to give back to your local fire department...                                               


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Fire Ant work?

    The adapter has 12 LED lights and operates on two common 2032 coin cell batteries that last up to 8 hours. The lights only activate when the hose is deployed and deactivates once the adapter is touched by a simple magnet.

  • Has this product been field tested?

    Yes, in fact, the fire departments that tested it played a major role in the final design and agreed it will benefit their fire department.

  • Can you see the adapters in smoky conditions?

    Yes, the Fire Ant adapters could be seen over 50 ft. in the dark, 30 ft. in moderate smoky conditions, and 6 ft. in heavy smoke conditions.

  • What type of thread does the Fire Ant have?

    National Hose Thread NH, but could be ordered in different threads.

  • Is this product certified to use in the fire industry?

    Yes, the Fire Ant was carefully designed and meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1963.

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